Bake Shop

Baked fresh in small batches throughout the day, Sprinkles are handcrafted from the finest ingredients. We offer cupcakes, cookies, layer cakes and bake boxes. These deliciously sophisticated updates on an American classic are perfect for every occasion. You can customize too!

Ice Cream

Using carefully selected ingredients, Sprinkles ice cream is slow churned to incorporate less air resulting in a densely creamy and intensely flavorful ice cream experience.

Catering & Events

We make party planning a breeze! Sprinkles supports catering & events for every occasion - gender reveals, birthday parties, graduations, promotions, friendships, weddings, and many more.

Perks, the sweetest rewards program

We've baked up a FRESH, NEW Perks Program Just for You!

Four ways perks got sweet: order togo, points for every dollar, more ways to earn, free cupcakes

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